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Your views are vital to the way LINk operates. Your opinions and ideas will be taken seriously, and will help to bring about positive change in the way local services are run.


Brighton and Hove LINk is now closed

Brighton and Hove LINk is now closed! From the 1st of April 2013 Brighton and Hove LINk is being replaced by Healthwatch Brighton and Hove, a new health watchdog for our city.

What is Brighton and Hove Local Involvement Network (LINk)?

B&H LINk is an independent network made up of individuals and community groups, such as charities, faith groups, residents' associations and youth councils, who work together to improve local health and social care services.

When was Brighton and Hove LINk established?

April 2008

What powers does Brighton and Hove LINk have?

LINks can help bring about changes to health services by listening to what you have to say and acting on it. LINks can: 

  • Request that health and social care commissioners provide information about their services and ensure that a response is received.
  • Issue reports or make recommendations about a service and ensure a response is received from commissioners.
    Refer matters to the local council’s overview and scrutiny committee
  • Enter the premises of certain services and view the care provided.

What does Brighton and Hove LINk do?

  • Finds out what people think of their local health and social care services.
  • Gives people a chance to suggest ideas to care professionals about improving services.
    Looks into specific issues of concern to the community.
  • Makes recommendations to the people who plan and run services.
  • Asks for information about services.
  • Carries out visits, when necessary, to see if services are working.
  • Refers issues to the local council health overview and scrutiny committee if it seems that action is not being taken.

What services does Brighton and Hove LINk cover?

A LINk covers all health and social care services that are commissioned by the NHS and local authorities in an area. Only children’s social services are excluded. LINks also cover independent providers of publicly funded services.

Why get involved with Brighton and Hove LINk?

As a member of the public, you have a right to be involved in discussions and decisions about your health and social care services. By sharing your experiences and ideas with Brighton and Hove LINk you can influence the way services are run. Your views are vital to the way LINks operate.

Your opinions and ideas will be taken seriously, and will help to bring about positive change in the way local services are run. We will listen carefully to your experiences of health and social care services, and to any ideas for improvements you might have.

If there’s a specific issue relating to local services that your community feels has been neglected, we will look into this. We will then make recommendations to the relevant professionals and seek out a response. You can also share your thoughts about what you like about particular services. Find out more about how you can help improve local health and social care here.

Who can get involved with Brighton and Hove LINk?

Anyone can sign-up to B&H LINk, from carers and those who use services to patient representatives and community leaders. Everyone is welcome, and everyone’s opinions matter. B&H LINk is also open to groups, including charities, faith groups, residents’ associations, user-led organisations, youth councils, black and minority ethnic organisations and business federations. Any group that wants to see health and social care services reflect the needs and wishes of local people can get involved.

In order to ensure that the LINk remains independent, employees of statutory organisations which provide health and social care services e.g. Brighton City Council, Primary Care Trust) are not eligible to vote or to sign-up as participants of the LINk. However they are welcome to participate as observers, and may be able to sign-up as individuals in their own right, if this is separate from their job.

How is Brighton and Hove LINk run?

The LINk is independent and not part of the government. It is run by volunteers. It is funded by money from Brighton and Hove City Council, which employs Community Voluntary Sector Forum to advise and support the LINk. This is called the host organisation. B&H LINk decides how it is run, how the money it has is spent and what priorities to concentrate on.

How does the Host support Brighton and Hove LINk?

It supports the LINk by telling people in the community about the LINk and what it is doing, and advising people about how they can get involved. The Host provides office support and helps the LINk to develop systems. The host also holds the LINk's budget and records what it does, as well as helping to find out local people’s views on their LINk. Find out more about what the Host does here.

How much funding do LINks receive and where does the money come from?

The government has made £84million available to fund LINks between 2008 and 2011. Most of this money was given to local authorities who put out to tender to organisations who would support the LINks (known as Hosts).

Diagram of LINk, Host and Local Authority


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