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Part LINk funded Partnership Outreach Pilot to Parents/Carers of Disabled Children Evaluation report Now Out
Farewell LINk Event 14th March 2013, Brighthelm - 10am to 3pm. please contact us to reserve your place.Draft programme here.
New LINk Medication Checklist here

Information for Groups & Organisations

Why should my group or organisation sign-up to the LINk?

  • The LINk has legal powers to help improve health and social care
  • The LINk can help draw attention to neglected issues or ideas
  • The LINk can influence those who make decisions about new or existing health and social care services 
  • You will receive our free monthly newsletter which is quick and easy to read and contains local and national health and social care news and LINk updates
  • The LINk newsletter is the first place the LINk will advertise any tenders for work we wish to commission
  • You can advertise your group/organisation to a wider group of people via our monthly newsletter (free of charge)
  • The LINk can come to your group or meeting to hear your views on health and social care and tell you more about the LINk
  • It’s free and quick – you just need to download and complete a simple form and email it to us.

Find out which other groups and organisations are signed up to the LINk here.


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