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Part LINk funded Partnership Outreach Pilot to Parents/Carers of Disabled Children Evaluation report Now Out
Farewell LINk Event 14th March 2013, Brighthelm - 10am to 3pm. please contact us to reserve your place.Draft programme here.
New LINk Medication Checklist here

Why LINks?

The LINk creates relationships between the people who use services and health and social care providers. These relationships cannot exist if the public doubts, or is not aware of, the value of the LINk.

The LINk makes it easier for people who commission and manage health and social care services to find out what the people they care for want. Health and social care providers have limited resources. It can be hard for them to prioritise improving people's experience.

The LINk ensures that the experience of people who use services is prioritised by helping them to express their views about their health and social care. For this to work, as many people as possible need to sign-up to the LINk.

It's important that people's opinions are communicated because:

  • Care gets better when professionals find out and respond to people's needs
  • The LINk can provide a single organisation for health and social care services to use to involve communities
  • The LINk can help health and social care providers to understand people‚Äôs views, so that they can consider public opinion when planning and developing services. This helps to ensure that services are as good as they can be
  • The LINk can help those working in health and social care, such as councils and care providers, to access a range of views.  

Sign-up to the LINk today!

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