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Part LINk funded Partnership Outreach Pilot to Parents/Carers of Disabled Children Evaluation report Now Out
Farewell LINk Event 14th March 2013, Brighthelm - 10am to 3pm. please contact us to reserve your place.Draft programme here.
New LINk Medication Checklist here

There are many ways you can support the LINk to help improve local health & social care services.

Get Involved

Brighton and Hove LINk is now closed! From the 1st of April 2013 Brighton and Hove LINk is being replaced by Healthwatch Brighton and Hove, a new health watchdog for our city.

Getting involved is easy and you can choose how much or little involvement you have. For instance you could:

    • You get to have your say on how health & social care services are run • You can influence how services are planned and delivered • Your views and experiences, good or bad, will be listened to • You'll be backed up by an independent, statutory body with legal powers to make changes happen • You will be joining thousands of other residents across the city who are concerned about health & social care issues • Your views will be treated confidentially • You can have as much or as little involvement in LINk activities as you want • By signing up you'll receive a free, informative, monthly magazine Tell the LINk what you think of local health and social care services. The LINk has the power to make change happen. Click on submit an issue on the right
  • Spend a few minutes answering a survey 
  • Attend an occasional meeting or group on an issue that interests you.
  • Become an Enter and View authorised representative who visit services to see how they are run
  • Promote the LINk so it can become more powerful
  • Find out more about the campaigns the LINk is signed up to and take part in them
  • Volunteer with the LINk to help with research, admin work, media etc

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