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Enter & View is not inspection. It is about observing the delivery of services and collecting views of people whilst they are using those services.

Enter and View

If you are interested in this role please contact us for an application pack.


What is enter and view?

Please note the LINk is not taking on any new enter and view authorised representatives from January 2013 as it is closing at the end of March 2013. However, if you are interested in volunteering in this role in Local Healthwatch please contact us and we will pass your details on.
Observing the delivery of health and social care services and collecting the views of people whilst they are directly using those services. It is a legal right of the LINk to be able to enter publicly funded services.

What is the purpose of enter and view?

By viewing services and/or talking to patients/users/carers a LINk can confirm the evidence that they have already collected from local service users, patients, their carers and families.

This information can then be fed back to relevant organisations. The LINk can make recommendations to improve services.

Who can enter and view?

Only authorised enter and view representatives who have been trained and Criminal Records Bureau checked can enter and view premises on behalf of the LINk.


Where can the LINk enter and view?

  • NHS Trusts e.g. ambulance service
  • NHS Foundation Trusts e.g. hospitals
  • Local Authorities (adult social care)
  • Primary medical services (eg GP practicesm dental practices, opticians, pharmacies
  • Bodies or institutions which are contracted by Local Authorities or NHS Trusts e.g. nursing homes, residential homes, day centres

What premises can't the LINk visit?

  • The LINk cannot enter social services for children facilities as the Government has decided that this area is already adequately inspected
  • If the premises where the care is being provided is a person’s own home (this does not mean that an authorised representative cannot enter when invited by residents – it just means that there is no duty to allow them to enter)
  • Where the premises or parts of premises are used solely as accommodation for employees
  • Where the premises are non-communal parts of care homes
  • Where health and social care services are not provided at the premises (such as offices) or where they are not being provided at the time of the visit (for example when facilities and premises are closed).

Why should I become an enter and view authorised representative?

It's an interesting and varied role, you can:

  • meet and talk to patients, carers and service users
  • visit and learn more about health and social care premises e.g. GP practices, hospitals, care homes
  • help to improve services

What must I do to become an enter and view representative?

The enter and view role is an important one and you must complete the following to become an authorised representative:

  • sign-up to the LINk
  • agree to abide by the LINk code of conduct and all LINk policies and procedures
  • undergo an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check (which will be paid for by the LINk)
  • take part in training on Enter and View (no more than one day)
  • participate in safeguarding training (which can be done at home on the Internet or in class-room type setting).

Will I get paid for this role?

No, Brighton and Hove LINk agreed that they would not pay any LINk participants or Steering Group members. However, travel expenses and carers costs and other out of pocket expenses will be paid.


What are the requirements of enter and view representatives?

  • help prepare for visits by reading through surveys and checklists
  • have an interest in health and social care
  • be committed to achieving Brighton and Hove LINks’ aims and objectives
  • be able to objectively observe and assess the nature and quality of services
  • have a commitment to equal opportunities and valuing diversity
  • attend any training or induction as deemed necessary
  • be part of a team
  • undertake at least two visits a year
  • report findings back to the LINk

How much time will it take to be an enter and view representative?

You can be as involved as you like. You can attend as many visits as you are able to. The minimum requirement is to take part in 2 visits per year (which last approximately 2.5 hours) but you will be expected to prepare for each visit and report back (approximately 4 hours for each visit).

The staff support team will contact you with the details of visits and you can choose which ones you are able and interested in participating in.

What skills and attributes do I need to become an enter and view representative?

  • ability to act with respect at all times to patients, service users ,carers and staff within health and social care services
  • ability to be open minded with the ability to set aside your own experiences and perceived ideas
  • ability and willingness to work in a team
  • ability to relate to a wide range of people
  • good listening skills

Who are the current enter and view representatives?

Zina Alkaisy
Merle Blakeley
Tim Brooks
Robert Brown
Elizabeth Fodor
Shirley Foulds
Avril Fuller
Farida Gallagher
Rachelle Howard
Mick Lister
Patricia Maskell
Sylvia New
Tim Sayers
Sue Seymour 
Sathiapama Sivapragasam
Francis Tonks
Colin Vincent
Diana Ward-Davis
John Wood
Trina Wood
Dawn Webb
Updated Jan 2013

Photos of enter and view representatives here

Updated Feb 2013, CS.

Read the enter and view guidance here


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