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Part LINk funded Partnership Outreach Pilot to Parents/Carers of Disabled Children Evaluation report Now Out
Farewell LINk Event 14th March 2013, Brighthelm - 10am to 3pm. please contact us to reserve your place.Draft programme here.
New LINk Medication Checklist here

LINk Groups

Types of LINk groups

LINk Structure

LINk Terms of Reference

LINk Groups

Steering Group
Responsible for the overall strategic direction of the LINk.

Their remit is around specific areas of services and take forward issues that are prioritised using the LINk decision making tool recommendations are fed back to the Steering Group for final agreement.

  1. Issues Group
  2. Mental Health
  3. Public Toilets

Scope the issues of concern to find out what specifically the issue is, how it has been responded to, what research and planning has been carried out on the issue by service providers and commissioners, what representations have already been made by advocacy bodies and other organisations and what the outstanding concerns and gaps are.

  1. Make plans to carry out any further necessary research.


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