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Part LINk funded Partnership Outreach Pilot to Parents/Carers of Disabled Children Evaluation report Now Out
Farewell LINk Event 14th March 2013, Brighthelm - 10am to 3pm. please contact us to reserve your place.Draft programme here.
New LINk Medication Checklist here

Care at Home

Domiciliary Care
Tell us what you think of care at home in Brighton and Hove. Submit your issue using the form on the right.

Care at home includes help with personal care and some of the practical household tasks that help them to stay at home and be as independent as possible. Care can be ongoing or short term such as help with washing, assistance to the toilet, cleaning, laundry.

The LINk has heard from some members of the public who have expressed concern that their carers help them to bed too early. Some people have also said they feel rushed in the morning to get ready. The LINk is looking into this. (* NEW *)


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