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Learning Disability

young child with Down's Syndrome

Tell us what you think of learning disability provision in Brighton and Hove. Submit your issue on learning disability using the form to the right.

Easy Read LINk leaflet first part and second part.

Learning disabilities severely limit a person’s ability to learn in a specific skill area and may also impact independent living and social relationships. Learning disability is usually the result of a life-long condition that starts before adulthood.

Learning disabilities can occur as a result of genetic or developmental factors, or damage to the brain, often at birth. They affect a person's level of intellectual functioning, usually permanently, and may also affect their physical development.

It is estimated that 580,000-1,750,000 people in the UK have mild learning disabilities, and 230,000-350,000 people have severe learning disabilities. Most live in their family homes initially, and later on in appropriate residential accommodation.  

See the Community Learning Disability Service webpages for an integrated service, which means that the NHS Brighton & Hove City Primary Care Trust and Brighton & Hove City Council have ‘pooled’ the money they spend on the service.


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