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Nursing Homes and Residential Care

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Brighton  & Hove City Council (local authority) offers help for people to live independently in their own home. Sometimes this is not practical and individuals will be assessed for community care services. Most care homes are run by the private sector although some are owned by charitable or voluntary organisations. The Council is the main purchaser of beds in care homes.

Nursing Homes
Provide accommodation, meals, care and support from staff, which is available 24 hours a day. Nursing homes have qualified nursing staff on duty 24 hours a day to support people's needs, where these are too complex to be met within residential homes.

Residential Care
Provide support to people who cannot be supported in their own homes, even with a comprehensive package of care. They provide trained care staff, and residents have access to visiting District Nurses.

Payment for Care
The law says that everyone placed in a care home by a local authority must pay something towards the cost of their care, unless they have no benefits, pension, other income, savings or property. If you can afford it, you will be expected to pay the full cost of the accommodation. Otherwise a financial assessment will be undertaken so that we can assess how much you should pay. This is done in accordance with national rules.

If you are financially dependent on your husband or wife they may also be asked to contribute towards the cost of your care. If you wish to go into a care home where the weekly charge is more than the amount we usually pay, you will have to find someone else who can pay the extra cost. This may be a relative, friend or a charity.

Inspection of Care and Nursing Homes Responsibility for registration and inspection of Residential Care Homes located in Brighton & Hove is the responsibility of the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

More information
You can ask your social worker or care manager, district nurse, a health visitor or GP for advice and information.

Free, independent reports on the quality of local homes and care services to help you make an informed choice are available from CQC.

Care choices website lists vacancies in nursing and residential care home vacancies in Brighton & Hove, and East Sussex.

Brighton and Hove City Council's Access Point
Is a single point of contact for new and existing users of social care services:

  • better information and advice on the full range of care options
  • a simple assessment process designed to resolve people‚Äôs needs as quickly as possible
  • where needs are more complex, users will be referred to the appropriate team for a more detailed assessment

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