Are you a Rhode Islander, 18 years or older, feeling overwhelmed by feelings or issues related to mental health or substance use disorder? Whether it is a crisis involving victimization, loss of parental rights, homelessness, changes in health, substance relapse, loss of family or friends, depression, or other personal issues, the compassionate staff at BH Link can help.

When individuals experience a crisis, they and their loved ones are often unsure of how and where to access help. For many, the feelings of helplessness, loss of control, and vulnerability that typically accompany a crisis situation can be overwhelming. At BH Link, we offer crisis intervention services to help you cope, and we connect people to ongoing treatment and care. We offer the following services:


  • 24/7 access to crisis assessment

  • Walk-in services

  • 23 hour stabilization beds to help people through crisis

  • Referral and transportation to 24/7 residential services

  • Close proximity to higher level medical and psychiatric services if needed

  • Crisis/suicide hotline  

  • Referrals to local veteran support services

  • Housing and basic needs referrals (food, rent, shelter, financial, etc.)

  • Substance use disorder assessment and referral

  • Mobile crisis service (with capability to send clinicians into the community)

  • Peer specialist services to help people stabilize

  • Critical incident/domestic violence assessment and referral

  • Short term psychiatric services (including the ability to prescribe medication for people who need it)

  • Nursing services

  • Mental health and substance use disorder education and awareness